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2014 Annual Fund

Billy Miller

Help men like Billy Miller today!

Your 2014 Annual Fund gift is the fuel this ministry needs to move boldly forward; to fight homelessness, hunger and addiction by providing:

  • Meals – More than 178,074 in the next 12 months
  • Shelter – Over 44,698 nights of sleep that rests weary bodies and restores souls
  • Classes, care and training – thousands of hours of life-transforming help for men and women who are determined to make better lives for themselves and their families


The job before us this year is a big one:  Start off strong by helping the Evansville Rescue Mission raise $60,000 before January 31.

Your gift will directly impact the lives of hungry, homeless people.  Please give what you can today.  THANK YOU!


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Tracy L. Gorman, President/CEO

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