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The White Flag Program

Winter is a dangerous time for people who are homeless.

For those who live in alleys, cardboard boxes, in cars or under bridges, it can be life-threatening as temperatures drop.

So far, this winter has been brutal.  Due to the inclement weather, the Rescue Mission participates in the “White Flag Program”.  Whenever the temperature drops to or below 32 degrees (wind chill is factored in), homeless men over the age of eighteen can seek refuge here at the Rescue Mission’s Residence Center.  During days and evenings where the temperature is forecasted to be 32 degrees or below, we raise our white flag on the southwest corner of our facility facing Walnut Street.

As a friend and supporter of the Rescue Mission, you can help get men, women—even children—off the streets and into the Mission, and care for them once they are here where the general public can stay warm and receive a hot, nourishing meal and homeless men can have a safe, warm place to sleep.  Here’s how you can help:

  1. Click Here to print Emergency Services Vouchers you can hand out to lead people to the Mission.
  2. Make a gift to provide the life-saving services the Mission provides: One night of shelter from winter’s cold is only $23.26.  A hot, home-cooked meal is just $2.16.
White Flag

The difference between a few degrees can mean life or death.


We don’t want anyone left out in the cold.  Make a donation today to make sure everyone who comes to the Mission is cared for.


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Tracy L. Gorman, President/CEO