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Of Warts and Miracles

Our youngest son, Kyle Andrew, used to have a lot of problems with warts. In fact, for a period of time, he had a REAL problem with them, and was getting them all over his face, arms, legs, and hands. They were everywhere, and they drove him crazy and embarrassed him.

We tried everything to get rid of the warts. We took him to a specialist (who ended up severely burning him while trying to get rid of them on his forehead), but that didn’t work. We tried all kinds of home remedies (including duct tape), and none of those worked either. The kid was seven years old, and by that time, other kids were noticing the warts, and were probably not being too kind to him about having them.

So, our family started praying together about Kyle’s warts. We had been praying about them for a while, but then we REALLY started praying, because we knew how frustrated Kyle was about those crazy things. Tammy and I truly were feeling bad for him, as was Seth. We all just wanted those things to go away, but it appeared they were going to be around for a while, because as I said, nothing was working to get rid of them.

One weekend, we were going to go up to visit Tammy’s family in Northeast Ohio. At this time, it seemed like Kyle was really feeling the frustration of having so many warts on him (don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as bad as the ugly witch from Oz or anything — but he did have quite a few). By the way, just so you know, I did get Kyle’s permission to talk about this with all of you. Anyhow, we were going up to see Tammy’s mom, and before we left, I remember so clearly praying a special prayer with Kyle, that those crazy, stubborn, ugly warts would someday just fall right off. After we prayed, I remember asking him if he really believed that God would hear and answer his prayer, and he said, “I sure do, or I wouldn’t have prayed.”

Well, fast forward a couple of days, and we were walking through the mall in the town where Tammy’s family lives. I’m not sure if we were there for any particular reason, but more that anything, we were just browsing around in and out of the stores. All of a sudden Kyle said, “Hey Dad, one of my warts just fell off, and it’s right here in my hand.” We all stopped to take a look, and to be honest with you, I think we were a little awestruck and surprised at that moment. Kyle then beat us to the punch and said, “It looks like God’s gonna answer my prayers, huh?” Clearly at that moment, his words brought a tear to our eyes, and joy to our hearts. By the time we left Tammy’s hometown of New Philadelphia, Ohio the next day, would you believe that every one of those warts had fallen off of that kid’s body? Every. Last. One!  Kyle was right…God did answer his prayers.

No matter what “warts” or imperfections you and I have, God is bigger. When we come to Him with childlike faith, believing that He will heal us, help us, and deliver us…He will not let us down. Sure, our “warts” may not be gone as quickly as Kyle’s was; and they may not “go away” in the way we’re planning; but as sure as I am writing this blog entry, you can count on the fact that He will hear us, and He will answer our prayers in His way, and in His time. BUT, we have to believe that He can and that He will do it, and we have to be willing to accept the outcome on His terms, and not simply our own. Philippians 4:19 says: “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Here we are, 10 years later. No warts! It was a miracle, and for the rest of his life, Kyle will remember that God was looking out for him.