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Of Warts and Miracles

Our youngest son, Kyle Andrew, used to have a lot of problems with warts. In fact, for a period of time, he had a REAL problem with them, and was getting them all over his face, arms, legs, and hands. They were everywhere, and they drove him crazy and embarrassed him. We tried everything to get rid of the warts. We took him to a specialist (who ended up severely burning him while trying to get rid of them on his forehead), but that didn’t work. We tried all kinds of home remedies (including duct tape), and none of those worked either. The kid was seven years old, and by that time,...

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Protecting the First Impression

As I was walking around the campus of Olivet Nazarene University this morning, I saw a phrase that I really liked on the side of a Physical Plant van, which aptly articulates the mission of that unit of the University: “Protecting the First Impression!” Those who work in that area literally know that their role is to make the place look great, operate smoothly and efficiently, and to be “ready” for clients, customers, guests, and students. Through the years, our emphasis of the importance of this function, and also of the fact that “first impressions are lasting...

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